(RADIATOR) AuthBy URL - not getting password in clear text

Simon Gray simong at desktop-guardian.com
Mon Feb 9 05:27:59 CST 2004


I've searched through the mailing lists, google and the source code by hand. Still having problems getting the password through in clear text.

I'm using NTRadPing as the radius client, using pap (tried chap as well). (NTRadPing works perfectly fine under freeradius, so I know the client isn't the problem).

Have setup a simple webpage which simply logs to a text file so I can see what's being passed.

Here is an output I've what data I've collected from the sample webpage.


My radius.cfg contains:

<Client DEFAULT>
	Secret	mysecret
	DupInterval 0
<AuthBy URL>
    Identifier AURL
    Debug 1
    #AuthUrl http://localhost/radius/test_url.cgi
    AuthUrl http://localhost/radius/index.asp
    Timeout 5
    UserParam u
    PasswordParam c
    UrlMethod GET
    BadPasswordKeyword "wrong pass"
    BadUserKeyword "wrong user"
    AuthOKKeyword "all ok"
    PasswordEncryption Clear
	RewriteUsername	s/^([^@]+).*/$1/
	PasswordLogFileName %L\password.log
	AuthBy AURL

The password.log file contains:

Fri Feb  6 16:38:14 2004:1076085494:simon:YÌ¢z9Àâ
Fri Feb  6 16:49:45 2004:1076086185:simon:rGïÖ]ê,7[
Mon Feb  9 10:46:07 2004:1076323567:simon:ã?«°ƒÒxÅ ÜÌÌlŽÝ.:URL:PASS
Mon Feb  9 11:07:49 2004:1076324869:simon:´Q’™ðÙFû'.
Mon Feb  9 11:08:12 2004:1076324892:simon:)¶9QãÒdTȹ;âGÕ:URL:PASS

I've also tried modifying the AuthURL.pm module by changing as suggested from the mailing list archives:

#my $pass = $p->decodedPassword();
my $pass = &Radius::Util::format_special('%P', $p);

Also the radiusd debug output comes through as:

User-Name = "simon"
User-Password = "{<237><192><250><227><219>;<156><234>p_<240>G<3><15>r"

Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

Am I missing something simple?



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