(RADIATOR) Possible to Proxy PEAP-EAP-MSCHAP v2 to IAS?

Jon Snyder jon at pdx.edu
Mon Feb 9 02:09:24 CST 2004

Hi all,

We're trying to configure EAP for 802.1x wireless authentication with the
general rule that Radiator will authenticate everything it can locally, and
proxy the authentication types it can't.  Our Radiator instance is running
on Solaris with passwords in NIS, so we can't for example authenticate
MS-CHAP v2 requests.

What I would like to do is proxy PEAP-EAP-MSCHAP v2 (from the Windows XP SP1
PEAP client) to an IAS server running on Windows 2003, which can
authenticate the MS-CHAP v2 request.  But, if the request is TTLS with PAP
or some other form that can be authenticated locally on the unix host, do so
there.  The problem I think I'm running into is that Radiator is properly
proxying the inner EAP-MSCHAP v2 on to the IAS server, but IAS can't handle
EAP-MSCHAP v2 as it receives it; it wants either PEAP with MSCHAP v2 inside,
or a regular MSCHAP v2 challenge in the radius packet (no EAP).

Is it possible to accomplish what I'm trying to do?  It seems like if I
could "extract" the MSCHAP v2 and send it over to IAS without it being
EAP-MSCHAP v2 it might work.  I know it's possible with TTLS to have one
server take the EAP-TTLS requests, and proxy the actual authentication to
another server that knows nothing about EAP (as demonstrated in the goodies
configs).  Can the same be done with PEAP?

I have this working if I use an AuthBy FILE for handling the inner
authentication, so I know it's not a general issue with my system or
configuration for PEAP.  But with the AuthBy RADIUS below, no go.

Thanks in advance!

Here's what I'm doing in the Radiator config (this isn't the whole config,
but should be all the relevant portions):

<Handler TunnelledByPEAP=1,EAPType=MSCHAP-V2>
        <Log FILE>
                Filename %L/PEAPInside.log
                Trace 4

       <AuthBy RADIUS>
               EAPType MSCHAP-V2
               <Host win2k3.ias.box>
                       Secret secret
                       AuthPort 1812
                       AcctPort 1813

<Handler TunnelledByPEAP=1>
        <AuthBy SYSTEM>

<Handler TunnelledByTTLS=1>
        <AuthBy SYSTEM>

<Handler Client-Identifier=wiAPs>
        <Log FILE>
                Filename %L/PEAPOutside.log
        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename %D/users
                EAPType PEAP,TTLS

                EAPTLS_CAFile %D/certificates/thawte/ThawteServerCA.txt
                EAPTLS_CertificateType PEM
                EAPTLS_PrivateKeyFile %D/certificates/radius-server.key.pem
                EAPTLS_PrivateKeyPassword whatever
                EAPTLS_MaxFragmentSize 1000


Jon Snyder
Computing & Network Services
Portland State University

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