(RADIATOR) hook to update the radpool table when using AddressAllocator SQL

Kwang Moon kwang.moon at O2.com
Fri Feb 6 08:20:58 CST 2004


I'm trying to implement a hook to deal with accounting alive packets - ie
when an alive packet is received, then update the expiry value in the
RADPOOL table for a further 24 hours.

This is the hook that I wrote.  It works, but I'm sure there's a better way
to do it by accessing the database handle that was opened by the
AddressAllocator clause rather than opening up and closing down a new sql
connection each time the hook is fired.

sub {
        my $request             = ${$_[0]};

        # If the packet is an Accounting Alive packet reset the expiry value
in the RADIUS DB for a further 24 hours.
        return unless ($request->code() eq 'Accounting-Request');
        my $statustype = $request->get_attr('Acct-Status-Type');
        return unless ($statustype eq 'Alive');

        my $query               = undef;
        my $expiry              = time + 86400;
        my $framedipaddress     = $request->get_attr('Framed-IP-Address');
        my $sth                 = undef;
        my $rv                  = undef;
        my $sess_handle         = DBI->connect("dbi:Oracle:radius", "xxx",
"xxx", { RaiseError => 1, AutoCommit => 0 });

        $query = "update radpool set expiry=? where yiaddr=?";
        $sth = $sess_handle->prepare($query);
        $rv = $sth->execute($expiry, $framedipaddress);


Any suggestions for improvement would be most welcomed.  Thanks in advance.


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