(RADIATOR) Help with configure radius.cfg with eap and ldap

Terry Simons galimore at mac.com
Thu Feb 5 12:45:17 CST 2004


For Windows XP, you can use the Alfa+Ariss client, available at:


For Linux, you can use the Open Source xsupplicant client, which is 
part of the Open1x project:


For Mac OS X (10.3) you can use the built-in client.

Instructions for the Mac OS X client can be found at:


We're looking at adding xsupplicant, and TTLS Alfa-Ariss instructions 
to the above website as well, but I haven't had the time.

That should cover the most common platforms...

If you need clients for Mac OS X 10.2, or Pocket PC, I would recommend 
looking at either the Funk Software Odyssey client, or the Meetinghouse 
AEGIS client.  Unfortunately, both of those clients are commercial.  
The other 3 listed above are free.

- Terry

>>> I think that will be the problem. In order for Radiator to support
>>> MD5-Challenge, it needs to be able to get the plaintext password 
>>> from the
>>> LDAP server in the LDAP attribute named by PasswordAttr.
>> We are using one way linux-crypt to store the passwords so the 
>> plaintext
>> option is not possible. Can you recommend any other EAP that will work
>> in my case.
> The only EAP type that will work with such encrypted password is 
> TTLS-PAP clients are available from a number of vendors.
> Cheers.

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