(RADIATOR) FW: Disabling ReclaimQuery

Moon Kwang (Products O2) Kwang.Moon at O2.com
Wed Feb 4 06:00:36 CST 2004

Forgot to include the error messages in my last post - this is what I'm

On the command line when radiusd is invoked:
DBD::Oracle::db do failed: ORA-24373: invalid length specified for statement
(DBD ERROR: OCIStmtPrepare) [for Statement ""] at
/usr/local/ActivePerl-5.8/lib/site_perl/Radius/SqlDb.pm line 220, <FILE>
line 46

And in the LogFile:
Wed Feb  4 11:40:42 2004: DEBUG: Reclaiming expired leases
Wed Feb  4 11:40:42 2004: DEBUG: do query is: '':

Wed Feb  4 11:40:42 2004: ERR: do failed for '': ORA-24373: invalid length
specified for statement (DBD ERROR: CIStmtPrepare)

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From: Moon Kwang (Products O2) 
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To: 'radiator at open.com.au'
Subject: Disabling ReclaimQuery


I'm trying to disable the ReclaimQuery - but having problems.

I understand that it's possible to do by setting the parameter with an empty
string (http://www.open.com.au/archives/radiator/2001-08/msg00177.html).

I'm using version version 3.8 on a RedHat server (installed as an RPM).

Here's the block of code I'm using.
<AddressAllocator SQL>
        Identifier SQLAllocator
        DBSource DBI:Oracle:radius
        DBUsername xxx
        DBAuth xxx
        FailureBackoffTime 5
        FindQuery select TIME_STAMP, YIADDR from RADPOOL where POOL='%0' and
                and rownum=1 order by TIME_STAMP asc
        AllocateQuery update RADPOOL set STATE=1, TIME_STAMP=%0, EXPIRY=%1,
MSISDN=%{Calling-Station-Id} \
                where YIADDR='%3'

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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