(RADIATOR) Radiator dies on Bind?

Levent Sarikaya radiator at sarikaya.org
Tue Feb 3 05:58:30 CST 2004

we had a similar prob on Solaris+Bind+Radiator+Netsaint+FW

Did you take a look at your netstat?

our prob was too many open ports waiting for answer, too few usable

afaik ms-dns query timeout is about 15 seconds, bind is much more
maybe a hint

solong...... Levent

On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 23:40, Herman verschooten wrote:
> Hi,
> We are running Radiator 3.7 on a Win2k-box for some time now.  System is
> stable, no problems whatsoever.  Until we decided to drop MS DNS-server
> for Bind 9.2.3.  It seems to choke Radiator.  Radiator just quits, no
> errors, nothing... service just stopped. It stopped 8 times from Sunday
> evening 'till Tuesday afternoon. 
> We removed Bind, and no more problems...  Anybody any idea?
> Tx,
> Herman

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