(RADIATOR) Handler or Realm

Bret Jordan bret.jordan at utah.edu
Mon Jun 30 13:14:27 CDT 2003

Use handlers, never use realms..  Handlers can do everything that realms 
can do and more.


Herman verschooten wrote:

> Hi,
> I am now using Radiator with a single default-realm for 4 different 
> Client-sets.  I use a rewrite username to strip off the realm if a 
> client provides it.  I now want to split the authentication to be able 
> to use 2 separate Online-algorithms.  What do you propose I use, A 
> Handler or 2 different realms with a default-realm in the 
> client-clause?  Or can a handler trigger on the client used?
> TX,
> Herman

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