morph morph at 0z0ne.com
Mon Jun 30 12:06:35 CDT 2003

Hi all
I've been looking for info in the mailing list without success so here 
is the question :)
I need to be able to receive in my radius CHAP and PAP requests.
For example if an user uses CHAP or PAP , my Radiator must be smart 
enough to check what kind of authentication method is receiving and then 
make the correct query to check if it´s wrong or it´s right.
 In my database i have a column with the clear password for CHAP and 
another column with the crypted password for PAP for every user.

The perfect solution could be a way to make it work something like this:

<AuthBy SQL>

               Identifier global_auth
               DBSource dbi:mysql:xxx:xxx
               DBUsername xxxx
               DBAuth xxxx
               FailureBackoffTime 2
               Timeout 60
               AuthSelect select PAPPASS,CHAPPASS from SUBSCRIBERS where 
USERNAME='%n' and SERVICE='%{Handler:Identifier}'
               AuthColumnDef 0,  Encrypted-Password, check
               AuthColumnDef 1, User-Password , check

also with the correct AuthByPolicy in the <AuthBy GROUP>

I mean, when Radiator gets an authentication request, it must query for 
the CHAP and PAP password stored in the database and then check if it´s 
PAP, if true then accept(if the password received is ok :-P ), if false 
check if it is CHAP...

Any suggestion would be appreciated !
Thanks in advance :)

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