(RADIATOR) ORA-03113 when first FindQuery is prepared / is "foreground" a solution?

Huber, Rainer rainer.huber at gmx.at
Thu Jun 26 05:05:41 CDT 2003

Hi List!

I've played around with IP-Addressassignement by RADIUS - I've used
Addressallocator SQL

The Environment is
	Solaris 8
	Perl 5.6.1
	Perl DBI 1.21
	DBD-Oracle-1.12 (Problem with java stuff solved by preloading the
	Radiator 2.19

Since the first time I started my config, I got a ORA-03113, when the first
request arrived that triggers a FindQuery (sql prepare is the problem). All
following requests work well and there are no problems with the database
connection at all. At first I integrated the IP-Assignment into an existing
config and I thought that the error is in one of the hooks or in modules
set up, but then I also got the error with a quite simple setup

On startup of the process, the reclaimquerie is executed, which works well
(lets say with Handler A). As already mentionened, only the first SELECT
failes (Handler A is available (Hash), but it seems to be unuseable for any
I also took a look at the DBI-Trace 5, but I could not find a reason for the
unuseable dbh.

I've played around with the parameters in the config file and suddenly there
was no ORA any more, after I've enabled the "Foreground" parameter. =>

Hugh pointed me to the List archive and I've found the following thread
covering my problem

I see three possibilities to "solve" the problem:
*) ignore the ORA
*) start radiator with the "Foregroud" option set and with
   a & and nohup in the init script

Due to the messages I found I assume that you (who have also this problem)
ignore the ORA - am i right?

@High/Mike: Is there any differece in the behaviour of radiator when
Foreground is acivated (performance, ...)

I'll also try to extract the radius part of the oracle client libraries,
which is implented in java and which needs the libthread.so.1 => maybe this
has a side effect on radiator   (=> see README.java in the DBD-Oracle CPAN
module for more information about this)

Any other suggestions?

Rainer Huber

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