(RADIATOR) How to restrict the Dial Up on Bandwith.

Toomas Kärner tomkar at estpak.ee
Thu Jun 26 00:56:52 CDT 2003


Ok. I have been configuring SMS devices for 3,5 years now and from customer
0. to customer ~40'000. And here is what I know about SMS devices and
bandwith management. (at the beginning there is some simple stuff).
Fist you can set default parameters that will be applied to all subscribers
and these are defined under:
 subscriber default
  dns primary
  dns secondary
  ip address pool
  rate-limit rate 450 burst 10000
This is context based (defined per each context (Virtual Router) separetly
and applies only to subscribers bound to this context durning binding). It
is also lower priority than radius, if SMS gets any attributes from radius -
they are applied.

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