Herman verschooten H.verschooten at webvisie.net
Wed Jun 25 12:18:19 CDT 2003


Is there an easy way to extend the on-line check with the callerid?


We use Radiator to authenticate from different ADSL-providers.  One of
these frequently drops STOP-packets. Don't ask me how, but we lose a lot
of them... Start en Alive, no problem, but Stops seem to have other


This of course means that the user's state remains on-line even after
they disconnect.  The NASPort is quite useless in this case, since the
Redback chooses a new port when the customer redials.  When we used
RadiusNT I wrote a complex solution using triggers and stored procedures
on SQL to delete the record from the online-table when the request came
from the same NAS/CallerID for the ADSL-users.  Now I need a similar
system on Radiator, but I have not yet found how to add the callerid to
the RadOnline table.


Call me stupid and most probably RTFM... but hey this is real life.


Herman verschooten

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