(RADIATOR) "User" file for authentication

Tony Bunce tonyb at go-concepts.com
Wed Jun 25 10:57:48 CDT 2003

Could be a permissions issue on the users file after you overwrite it.


Does a trace show any useful information?



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Hello everyone,


I have a weird issue. Please bare with me, I am in the final stages of
deployment with this program and have this major problem.


I am using a text file for authentication called "users"


The users files hold a test machine's MAC address and works fine. BUT!
When I overwrite the file with another "users" file with the same exact
info, it doesn't work.


So, I reverted back to the old file and began to add new users, and
would select save and save it as a "users" file. No extension.




In short, if I use the original file, it works. But when I update the
data on the file or overwrite the file, it no longer works. 


Any suggestions?


1.      Should I place a .txt extension and have the config file point
to "users.txt" ?

2.      Should I try another method of authentication? I need a simple
and quick way to get this up and going. 


Thank you, 


Robert Torres

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http://torres.rutgers.edu <http://torres.rutgers.edu/> 


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