(RADIATOR) Can't get PEAP to work, need help.

Jerome Fleury jeje at jeje.org
Tue Jun 24 05:32:06 CDT 2003

--On mardi 24 juin 2003 09:26 +1000 Mike McCauley <mikem at open.com.au> wrote:

> Hello Jeremy,
> thanks for the full log.
> Looks like Radiator is not seeing a completed client hello from your client: 
> its still waiting for the client hello to be closed off.
> This is very puzzling: your client is behaving differently to other clients we 
> have observed.
> What PEAP client are you using?

Well, this is quite strange as I use both Windows2000 client (hotfix from microsoft) and Funk
Odyssey client, giving the same bad result.

Maybe the source of the problem could be the AP (Cisco 1200) or the client card (Orinoco, one
of the first Lucent ones indeed) ?

Jerome Fleury
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