(RADIATOR) How to restrict the Dial Up on Bandwith.

Gu ð bj ö rn S. Hreinsson gsh at centrum.is
Sun Jun 22 05:25:42 CDT 2003

We use Cisco Netflow to measure traffic, we exclude certain sites 
so that traffic does not appear in the logs. We then match radius 
accounting packets and netflow logs to generate rating data for 

We don't speed limit customers when they pass their limits, but 
bill them for the extra download.


> I am not sure if this soultion is done with Radiator or not. I have noticed
> many ISP's offering
> ADSL connections with free traffic to certain web sites. They are also speed
> limiting customers when
> they run passed their download limit but not counting the traffic to the
> free websites.
> Anyone know how the radius accounting is done. Or does anyone know what
> product they are using to do this.
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