(RADIATOR) Wireless Access Points that can do Radius Accounting

Bret Jordan bret.jordan at utah.edu
Fri Jun 20 10:37:10 CDT 2003

Did you not get my email from last night?  We are using it and it works 
great..  Here is my email from last night...

Proxim AP 2000 / Avaya AP3 (same AP)
802.11a and 802.11b cards in the radio
Radiator 3.6
Meetinghouse 2.0.5 802.1x client
EAP-TTLS with phase 2 authentication being PAP. (We allow and support 
EAP-TLS as well, and one group is also doing EAP-PEAP too)

On the AP you need to make sure you actually get the accounting turned 
on..  You need to jump in circles and hold your finger on your nose 
before it will work. :))  j/k   Basically turn on everything in the 
radacctbl, reboot the ap, and then turn on accounting, and then reboot 
the AP again.

We have detailed docs on setting up the Avaya AP3/Proxim AP 2000 at 
If you need any more help just let me know.


Bon sy wrote:

>Hello all,
>	I asked this before but so far have no luck. Did anyone in the
>list manage to get accounting to work properly in Orinoco/Proxim
>AP-2000/2500 under EAP authentication mode? We have problems on the
>accounting "start" request. Radiator either ignores it or never receives
>it. "Alive" and "Stop" status were received at the radius end properly. 
>	I will also appreciate if anyone using Proxim 600 can post
>their experience related to the above issue as well. 
>	Thanks in advance for whoever may care to answer.
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