(RADIATOR) rewrite NAS-Port-type?

Robert Blayzor noc at inoc.net
Wed Jun 18 07:55:38 CDT 2003

On 6/17/03 12:29 PM, "Craig Gittens" <cgittens at sunbeach.net> wrote:

> I am trying to implement a VPN solution using linux pppd and it is sending
> the port type as Async. The problem is I don't want dialup customers able to
> use this service as well. I was wondering if you could rewqrite NAS port
> type before authentication in the CLIENT?

Try something like this:

<Client x.x.x.x>
        Identifier              VPN-Client
        Secret                  foobar
        PreHandlerHook          file:"vpn-port-rewrite.pl"

Then in "vpn-port-rewrite.pl" do this:

sub {
    ${$_[0]}->add_attr('NAS-Port-Type', 'VPN');

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