(RADIATOR) Re: Double start, no stop etc

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Wed Jun 18 03:14:35 CDT 2003

Hello -

The sorts of problems you describe are unfortunately quite common when 
using the radius protocol.

In general, missing and/or duplicate accounting records are due to 
transmission problems or saturated links resulting in dropped  packets 
and retransmissions. Less frequently the problems are due to bugs in 
NAS software.

There is no easy fix either - it is usually the case that a packet 
sniffer and a lot of patience are required to track down what is 
happening. I suggest you start by checking a trace 4 debug from 
Radiator and comparing it to sniffer traces and possibly NAS debug 
information. The first thing to do is to find out if the problems are 
due to dropped packets and if so, to fix the bandwidth issues that are 
causing packets to be dropped.

There may also be problems due to slow database accesses, and again a 
trace 4 debug will show what is going on. I highly recommend setting up 
a Log clause with the LogMicroseconds parameter turned on (requires 
Time-HiRes from CPAN) which will show you timestamps with microsecond 

Finally, there may also be problems in the Radiator configuration file, 
but to say any more we will need to see a copy of it together with a 
trace 4 debug showing what is happening.



On Wednesday, Jun 18, 2003, at 19:46 Australia/Melbourne, support wrote:

> Dear All,
> I am From BTTB ( Bangladesh Telegraph and telephone Board). From June 
> 1st we
> are using mysql for authentication and online billing issues. 
> Previously we
> used flat file authentication from /etc/shadow file and used to make 
> bill at
> the end of month from the log data. Only 'timeused' from stop data was 
> our
> concern for billing. So duplicacy of start data or missing of stop 
> data were
> not at all a issue to us. But now it is found that we are getting two 
> start
> data/record for same user with same session ID, user and time. Also 
> some time
> no stop data is received against some start data. We are using one
> Maxsession. But though no stop data arrives for any session of a user, 
> he/she
> can log in again with out problem.
> Please help me to get rid from all these problem.
> Bidyut Chandra Aich
>  Sub-Divisional Engr,
> Data & Internet Services, BTTB

NB: have you included a copy of your configuration file (no secrets),
together with a trace 4 debug showing what is happening?

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