(RADIATOR) Radiator on Mandrake Server...

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Thu Jun 5 18:34:42 CDT 2003

Hello Andrea,

On Fri, 6 Jun 2003 12:48 am, Andrea Brancatelli wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> Thursday, June 5, 2003, 6:54:36 AM, you wrote:
> >> You've been a light into the night!
> MM> I think by now you have been up all night in Italy?
> Yeah, I did :)
> Anyhow now I have everything working as expected...


> There's just one thing I don't understand about the config file.
> Let's suppose I want every request to be logged on the SQL statistic
> log...
> where am I supposed to put my
> <StatsLog SQL>
>         DBSource dbi:mysql:radiator
>         DBUsername ......
>         DBAuth .......
> </StatsLog>
> Lines?

They usually go at the 'top level' of the config file. They can also go inside 
another clause for logging of just the requests that go through that clause. 
See goodies/statslog.cfg example.

As usual, if its not doing what you expect, you should post the full config 
file (no secrets) and the Radiator log file atr trace level 4 to the mailing 


> I tried to put them in the "general" section (not including them in
> any Realm/Handler or such), but it didn't work. I also tried to create
> a big
> <Realm ...>
> </Realm>
> including all the <Handler> that handles PEAP and such, but PEAP
> suddendly stopped working.
> How can I specify a "general parameter" for all the handlers?
> MM> I  dont  think we can choose between those flavours of Linux. From
> MM> out  point  of  view  they are very similar. We recommend that you
> MM> choose the one you are most comfortable with.
> I'm a lazy person, so I think I'll stay with Mandrake for all the
> basical stuff (basic system, security and such) and then I'll compile
> what I need over it.
> The basic point is getting something to work FAST and RELIABLE, and
> Mandrake (altough not designed for servers) has proven to be very good on
> this, almost as reliable as a RedHat, but faster to setup and easier to
> handle.
> thanks for your help. i think your software is great, and it will
> probably become the center of our upcoming network... just a bit more
> testing needed.
> --
> Saluti, Andrea Brancatelli
> http://andrea.brancatelli.it/      mailto:andrea at brancatelli.it

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