(RADIATOR) IP assignment by RADIATOR / delay between IP reuse

Huber, Rainer rainer.huber at gmx.at
Thu Jun 5 13:01:58 CDT 2003

Hi List,

In the near future I'll have to switch a radiator configuration (2
radiators/OracleDB) to IP assignment by RADIUS.

There is one special requirement, which has to be implemented: The IP
addresses have to be kept back a defined period of time before they are
reassigned to new sessions (ex. 10 min => IP<->username caches are cleared
after this time in different applications).

As radiator does not support this at the moment as a feature I've thought
about the following solution:
*) 3rd state in the rad_pool table (<AddressAllocator SQL>) => set STATE=2
when accounting STOP records are received (customized DeallocateQuery)
*) a cron job (every 5 minutes), which checks if (sysdate - TIMESTAMP) > 10
minutes => set STATEs to 0

What do you guys think about this scenario - is it worth a feature request
for the next radiator release (similar to Reclaim implementation)?



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