(RADIATOR) Radiator on Mandrake Server...

Andrea Brancatelli andrea at brancatelli.it
Wed Jun 4 19:58:29 CDT 2003

Hello Mike,

Thursday, June 5, 2003, 2:02:51 AM, you wrote:

>>   Net_SSLeay is installed (correctly I suppose) and it is a very
>>   recent version (the one that came with Mandrake 9.1...
>>   perl-NET_SSLeay-1.21 and perl-Crypt-SSLeay-0.49)
MM> Hmmmm, I suspect that openssl is not installed correctly, or that
MM> NET_SSLeay-1.21 is either not installed properly or is not compatible with 
MM> the installed openssl.

OpenSSL is 0.9.7. Actually I "just" seem to lack that file.

Those are the file in


Maybe you can just send me the randomize.al?

MM> We usually build and install them from scratch, and have not tested against 
MM> the Man 9.1 rpms.

Emh.... Do I download the Tar_GZ and then ./configure, make and make

Saluti, Andrea Brancatelli
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