(RADIATOR) RedHat 9 / FreeTDS ??

Jamie Orzechowski mhz at ripnet.com
Wed Jun 4 15:29:55 CDT 2003

Hello .. I tried downgrading to Radiator 3.2 to see if anything would change
... when I did a "make test" I got errors ... On version 3.6 I did not get
any errors ... perhaps something could be wring which is causing the SQL
request to fail ...

Please let me know what these errors are ...

Starting 2 test servers. Please wait...
ok 1a
ok 1b
ok 1c
ok 1d
ok 1e
ok 2a
ok 2b
ok 2c
ok 2d
ok 2e
not ok 2f
ok 2g
ok 2h
ok 2i
ok 2j
ok 2k
ok 2l
ok 2m
ok 2n
ok 2o
ok 2p
ok 2q
ok 2r
ok 2s
ok 2t
ok 2u
ok 2v
ok 2x
ok 2y
ok 2z
ok 3a
ok 3b
ok 3c
not ok 3d
ok 3e
ok 3f
ok 3g
ok 3h
ok 4a
ok 4b
ok 4c
not ok 5a
ok 5b
ok 5c
not ok 5d
ok 5e
not ok 5f
ok 5g
ok 6a
ok 6b
ok 6c
ok 6d
ok 6e
ok 6f
ok 6g
ok 6h
ok 7a
ok 7b
ok 7c
ok 8a
ok 8b
Tests completed

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