(RADIATOR) PEAP and LDAP integration problem

Joao Martins jmartins at cic.ua.pt
Tue Jun 3 10:03:31 CDT 2003


	I'm having a problem:

	I've configured radius.cfg to authenticate my users by external
database - LDAP. I don't have any problems here!
	I've configured other radius.cfg to use PEAP, with a local users
file. I don't have any problems here too!

	I'm trying to use PEAP and LDAP together, without any success. 

	Can anyone give me some hints on how to get it work, or radius.cfg

	I've tried many different configurations... and nothing!

Thanks in advance.


João Martins

Centro de Informática e Comunicações       Email: jmartins at cic.ua.pt
      Universidade de Aveiro               Phone: +351 234 370099
         3810-193 Aveiro                   Ext:   22299
            Portugal                       Web:   http://www.cic.ua.pt/

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