(RADIATOR) Re: Wi-fi and radiator

Bon sy bon at bunny.cs.qc.edu
Mon Jun 2 12:47:57 CDT 2003


	I am not sure about your question. Are you asking how to control
the session period of the wi-fi connection?

	First of all, if you are providing wi-fi connection by giving out
a dynamic IP to your wireless client, this is done by a DHCP server. Most
of the time one will set up lease time for the dynamic IP, and the session
session needs to be renewed upon the expiration of the lease time. For
this, the lease time setup is on the DHCP side.

	For Orinoco (such as AP2000) or Cisco (such as AP350 series) AP,
you can also set the session period. Again, it needs to renew when the
session expires. In this case, the session control is done on the AP
side. Radiator will get an authentication request during the renewal

	In any event, the session control you are looking for (if I
udnerstand your question correctly) should be on the side that is
'talking" to the wireelss client. Radiator is _not_ talking to the
wireless client directly. Therefore, you may want to look inot the DHCP or
the AP side.

	Hope this helps.


On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Mauricio Rocael García Ocaña wrote:

> I try, eap,md5-challenge and now is work, by need know how hang-up my
> sessions, something
> o how in the config radius put one line,
>     max = session-time 10min.
> thanks for all
> Bon, I am new for the wi-fi, by the devices for the network are:
>     1 access point cisco 1200
>     1 ultra 10 with solaris/ in this momento un windows 2000server
>     2 client (1 lapto and un desktop ibm()
>         with sistem windows xp, and cards (robotics and microsoft usb)
> This function good
> att.
> Mauricio

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