Craig Gittens cgittens at sunbeach.net
Thu Dec 18 15:15:18 CST 2003

I have the following:

Thu Dec 18 16:33:27 2003: ERR: Attribute number 28 (vendor 2637) is not
defined in your dictionary
Thu Dec 18 16:33:27 2003: DEBUG: Packet dump:
*** Received from port 2048 ....
Code:       Accounting-Request
Identifier: 177
Authentic:  <28><232><186><167>:Z<231><254><247><191><195><191><178><3>,<6>
	Acct-Status-Type = Start
	NAS-Identifier = "2"
	CVX-SS7-Session-ID-Type = 808464432

It is solved by this line in the Dictionary:

VENDORATTR 	2637 	CVX-SS7-Session-ID-Type		   28 integer

It is the same exact line as Attribute 3. Aastra seems to be shifting some
things around.


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