(RADIATOR) Radiator ignoring some clients

Jason Signalness jsignalness at btinet.net
Wed Dec 17 13:11:03 CST 2003


We are having serious issues with Radiator.  I tried e-mailing this to 
radius-support and to the list, but have not received a response from 
either.  It doesn't appear the message posted to the list, so I will try 
again using my other address.

Our environment:
  Radiator 3.7.1
  Perl 5.8.1
  Solaris 9

Basically, we tried to upgrade from Radiator 3.3.1 running on Solaris 8 
with Perl 5.6 to the new setup.  On the new server (Solaris 9) I 
installed Radiator, copied over the config files, updated the 
environment variables (ORACLE_HOME, etc) and started it up.  No 
problems.  I used radpwtst to test users in our various databases (LDAP, 
Oracle, and a flat file) and it all seemed fine.

Then we put this upgraded system (actually 2 identical systems) into 
production.  Requests from certain access servers are handled and 
answered by Radiator.  Requests from other access servers seem to be 
completely ignored.  By "completely ignored," I mean that nothing shows 
up at all in a DEBUG level log.  If I run a snoop on the radius server, 
I see a ton of traffic from a given NAS to the radius server on port 
1812, but not a single response going the other way.

We have cleared the ARP entries in our switches and rebooted one of the 
NASes.  Same behavior.  It is as if Radiator simply doesn't pay 
attention to some access servers or some requests from some access servers.

Eventually, we gave up and powered on our old servers (Radiator 3.3.1, 
Perl 5.6, Solaris 8).  The really weird thing is that we see this 
behavior on these servers as well... and they worked perfectly earlier. 

When I launch Radar, I see the clients listed.  And like I said before, 
I'm not getting any "bad authenticator" errors in the logs.  Nothing 
shows up at all for most of our access servers.

I'm desparate for assistance.


Jason Signalness, Systems Administrator
Basin Telecommunications, Inc.

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