(RADIATOR) Radiator Mobile IP

Lopez, A. a.lopez at tue.nl
Wed Dec 17 07:07:38 CST 2003

Hello all,
I am now about to test Mobile IP with a Cisco router acting as a Home
Agent. For WLAN access I have installed Radiator to handle
authentication (PEAP). 
Besides, I would like to use Radiator as the RADIUS server to store
Mobile IP Security Associations.
Furthermore, using "Cisco generic NAI support and home address
allocation" the Mobile Node registers to the Home Agent using a NAI
(Network Access Identifier) and the Home Agent can allocate the local IP
address making use of an AAA server.
Has anybody tried it before with Radiator? Could anyone give me samples
of configuration files for that purpose?
Thanks in advance for your replies.

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