(RADIATOR) Username missing from AuthLog using TACACS

Steve Rogers steve.rogers at fjserv.net
Wed Dec 3 05:41:12 CST 2003

We are using TACACS with AuthLog FILE and logging the username from
Access-Requests. Our config file excerpts are below. The problem is that
using %u we never see the username logged from the User-Name attribute
in the radius Access Request. Changing the %u to %{User-Name} works with
no problems.
Config file:
<AuthLog FILE>
        Identifier      AuthLogger
        Filename        %L/%Y%m%d-auth.log
        SuccessFormat   %l:%c:%u:OK
        FailureFormat   %l:%c:%u:FAIL
        LogSuccess      1
        LogFailure      1
        AddToRequest NAS-Identifier=TACACS
        AuthLog AuthLogger
        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename tacacs.users
        AcctLogFileName %L/%Y%m%d-acct.log
Authlog result:
Tue Dec  2 16:05:25 2003:192.168.x.x.::OK
After changing the AuthLog format to use %{User-Name} the logfile looks
Wed Dec  3 10:06:21 2003:192.168.x.x:justin:OK
Using radiator 3.7.1 with latest patches.
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