(RADIATOR) missing AcctColumnDef

Bruno Tiago Rodrigues bofh at netc.pt
Wed Jul 31 07:43:05 CDT 2002

hi there

there's a hack described in the user's manual (6.28.13) which stores the 
timestamp of the start packet for a stop packet (with 

AcctColumnDef STARTTIME, %b-0%{Acct-Session-Time},literal

What I'm trying to do is inserting the formatted date & time of the 
start packet, by following the same general idea, but by using

AcctColumnDef   SESSION_START_DATETIME,%b-0%{Acct-Session-Time},integer-date

However, the AcctColumnDef line is silently ignored. Any ideas on this? 
Is there any way to accomplish this?

I've found one, but I had to dig into the AuthSQL.pm module and change a 
line or two (therefore ruining the default integer-date and Timestamp 
behaviour) ... and I'd prefer a simpler way, radiator upgrade friendly...

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