(RADIATOR) Quidway ( Huawei) A8010 Refiner

Ali Malik radiatormail at comsats.net.pk
Wed Jul 31 06:52:05 CDT 2002

Hi All:

 I have a Quidway ( Huawei) A8010 Refiner Integrated Access Platform. Iam
 successfully using Radiator with CISCO Access servers but unable to
 integrate it with Quidway. I am having a problem in authentication and Log
 files. I have enabled all logs at Quidway and in radius.cfg but  it doesnot
 write anything in log file.

2. I wish to use CLI feature,pls let me know how to use it and what i need to do in radius.cfg file

 Can anybody help me in this regard
 Ali Mumtaz
 Email: sads at comsats.net.pk

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