(RADIATOR) Re: OSC Mailing

X-Wildph wildph at wildph.net
Fri Jul 26 18:42:22 CDT 2002

Hi All,
     What do i need to do to make Radiator add some attributes to the 
Accounting-Response Packets? I'm using a Cisco based NAS that seems 
to expect a few attributes with the Accounting-Accept packet.

     I have written a PostAuthHook which calls add_attr() to add 
attributes for Nas-IP-Address, Service-Type, and Acct-Delay-Time, 
however Radiator seems to ignore this configuration when sending an 
Accounting-Accept packet.

      I'm running the current version (3.1) of Radiator with patches, 
and would rather not have to run a separate server just to accept 
accounting data.



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