(RADIATOR) small bug (ver 3.1)

Sergey Y. Afonin asy at kraft-s.ru
Fri Jul 26 03:29:14 CDT 2002


Starting Radiator (error starting :-) ) replace pid-file of runnig Radiator:

$ /etc/init.d/radiator start
Starting RADIATOR server: done.
$ /etc/init.d/radiator start
Starting RADIATOR server: done.
Could not bind authentication socket: Address already in use at /usr/bin/radiusd line 344.
$ /etc/init.d/radiator stop
Stopping RADIUSD server: /etc/init.d/radiator: kill: (13886) - No such process

start/stop script:

        echo -n "Starting RADIATOR server: "
        /usr/bin/radiusd -config_file /etc/raddb/radiator/radius.cfg
        echo "done."
        echo -n "Stopping RADIUSD server: "
        kill -KILL `cat /var/run/radiusd.pid`
        rm -f /var/run/radiusd.pid
        echo "done."

Regards, Sergey Afonin
asy at kraft-s.ru

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