(RADIATOR) Reject Reason

Ronan Eckelberry, Sr. Network/Systems Administrator radiator at gowebco.com
Fri Jul 19 00:28:45 CDT 2002


    Thanx for the quick reply....once again you guys are great.

    Is there a way to only send this reply on an Access-Reject?  Of course I
don't want this coming back on every reply.  :)


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> Hello Ronan -
> AddToReply Reply-Message = .....
> Whether or not your users see such messages is up to the dialer that
> is being used, and most do not display these messages in any case.
> regards
> Hugh
> At 21:09 -0400 18/7/02, Ronan Eckelberry wrote:
> > Quick question all.  How do you determine what message is sent
> >back with a Access-Reject?  This is mainly for a log file to know why
> >people were rejected.  In specific "time-banked" users.  Say the check
> >for their timeleft fails and an Access-Reject is sent back, is there a
> >way to form the Reject message to a custom message.  I already have
> >RejectHasReason for this.  The only way that I have thought I could do
> >this is with a PostAuthHook.
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> >
> >-Ronan
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