(RADIATOR) Translating response attributes per NAS technology

Claudio Lapidus c_lapidus at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 17 16:45:57 CDT 2002

Hi all,

We have NASes of different brands (Cisco and Lucent, might be a third in the 
future) and they are intermixed in the network, i.e. any call can go to any 
NAS. Then we proxy the request to a remote radius, which is responsible for 
authenticate the end user, but is unaware of the technology of the 
particular box. This remote radius can include in its response additional 
attributes specifying different services, for example IP filters or DNS 
assignments, etc.

The problem is that we need to define a certain dictionary for this remote 
radius to communicate its 'extended' services. Perhaps Ascend is most 
classic selection here, I think. But then I'll need to translate these 
attributes into whatever technology-specific dictionary needed with that 
particular NAS. Is there a direct way to accomplish this? I have reviewed 
the manual and couldn't find nothing. I can imagine the code of a post-auth 
hook for this job, but I would prefer a more standard way, if there were 
such a thing.


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