Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: (RADIATOR) Radiator - Probs with Authby SQL

Tue Jul 16 02:05:51 CDT 2002

Hello Hugh,

>You are correct in your analysis below - what you describe is indeed how


>SQL interface operates.
>The reason that the Cisco is complaining is because there is no


>= Framed-User" in the reply - Cisco's are very picky about this.

I see. But sadly than i don't really understand why it runs while i do use
"Flat-File-Authentication and using the same configuration on the Cisco
And that means to me that my Cisco Configuration should be fine. I mean,
RadiusServer response is always the same. And this response isn't different
because the Attributes were taken from DB or File.
Btw i am using a Cisco 3660 with 12.1-5.T and my Users-file
does look like the following:

test  Password=test
      cisco-avpair="ip:route=z.z.z.z/25 x.x.x.x 1"  (i testet ciscoav
too..and works too)

>An alternative approach for common reply attributes is to simply use an
>AddToReply, like this:
><AuthBy SQL>
>AddToReply Service-Type = Framed-User, \
>     Framed-Protocol = PPP, \
>     Framed-IP-Address = .....
>     </AuthBy>

I see. I tried the example as you suggested and it worked. But i did work
only, because
of the "Framed-IP-Address=x.x.x.x" with the AddToReply String. But that
doesn't help me
to solve this problem, because i won't use a "static" configuration but DB.

Furthermore I tried to use a partial configuration, that means that in the
AddToReply i specified
only Protocol PPP,and Service-type and contemporanealy i tried to assign
the IP through SQL.
Same thing as before. (Radius doesn't send the Attrib's back to Cisco)

As i don't really have any further idea, i'd like to know, that the reason
this strange problem could also be, because i am using a Radiator 3.1 DEMO

>I am still curious to understand why your configuration file is not


Hugh, i can ensure you, that you'r not the only one:)

and NEIL: thanks for your suggestions, but i'm using C3660. Reloads i did
periodically and without any success, but anyways i don't believe that
would be the problem.

Any of you with an idea?

Have a nice day, and again i'd thank you just in advance for your help,
Kind regards,


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