(RADIATOR) Pre Handler hook help...

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Fri Jul 12 17:11:30 CDT 2002

Hello Robert -

I suggest you do two things:

1. put the hook code in a file so it is easier to edit - something like this:

	PreHandlerHook file:"%D/nasport.pl"

2. unwind the code a bit and add print statements between the statements so 
you can see what is going on

Then you can run radiusd from the command line and you will see the print 
output in the terminal window where you are running it - like this:

	radiusd -foreground -log_stdout -config_file .....



On Sat, 13 Jul 2002 06:21, Robert Blayzor wrote:
> We have an handler which uses the following hook:
> <Client>
>         Identifier              DSL1
>         Secret                  shhhh
>         DupInterval             2
>         NasType                 ignore
>         PreHandlerHook sub { ${$_[0]}->add_attr('NAS-Port-Type',
> 'SDSL'); my $i_p = ${$_[0]\
> }->get_attr('RB-NAS-Real-Port'); my $i_a = sprintf("%s/%s/%s.%s", map
> oct("0b$_"), unpack("\
> B32", pack("N", $i_p)) =~ /(.{5})(.{3})(.{8})(.*)/);
> ${$_[0]}->add_attr('Calling-Station-Id\
> ', $i_a);}
> </Client>
> In a nutshell the Hander basically adds a NAS-Port-Type and is to take a
> 32bit integer representation of DSL ports and put them in the
> 'Calling-Station-Id' attribute.
> The output should come out to be soething like:  5/0/0/233, etc.
> However everything comes out at 0/0/0.0, like $i_p is null, but it's not
> because the following code (if I reverse things) works fine...
>         PreHandlerHook sub { ${$_[0]}->add_attr('NAS-Port-Type',
> 'SDSL'); my $i_p = ${$_[0]\
> }->get_attr('RB-NAS-Real-Port');
> ${$_[0]}->add_attr('Calling-Station-Id', $i_p);}
> Output the following code right from PERL works fine too:
> perl -e 'print sprintf("%s/%s/%s.%s", map(oct("0b$_"), unpack("B32",
> pack("N", 671088873)) =~ /(.{5})(.{3})(.{8})(.*)/)) ."\n";'
> 5/0/0.233
> Any ideas?  I really need to get this to work.  Thanks!

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