(RADIATOR) Name rewrites

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Fri Jul 12 03:41:44 CDT 2002

Hello Tunde -

On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 21:59, Ayotunde Itayemi wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> I know nothing about Perl even though I wouldn't mind having one with an
> "a" after the "e" :-)

I highly recommend both the Llama book (Learning Perl) and the Camel book 
(Programming Perl) - they are both excellent (O'Reily - www.ora.com).

> The following is from my radius.cfg
> ============================================================
> <Handler Client-Identifier=viruse2>
>         AuthByPolicy ContinueWhileAccept
> #       remove @domain-name
>         RewriteUsername s/^([^@]+).*/$1/
>         UsernameCharset a-zA-Z0-9\._ at -
>         MaxSessions 1
>         RewriteUsername tr/A-Z/a-z/
> ============================================================
> Would the "above" allow in a user with say wole.james as the user name?
> Please note the fullstop in the name.


> What exaclty does the Rewrite statement above do  - just remove the part
> after the @ sign?


> The UsernameCharset above will allow names with periods?


I also strongly encourage you to do some experiments in a test setup to try 
all of these things so you get a feel for how they work.



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