(RADIATOR) Radiusd crashes with strange error

Leon Oosterwijk leon at isdn.net
Tue Jul 9 11:58:36 CDT 2002

I've recently upgraded two machines to 3.0. I'm now getting the following
error sporadically:

our program

   /usr/bin/radiusd -config_file /etc/radiator/radius.cfg -dictionary_file

exited unexpectedly with exit status 0, 
signal number 0 and dump indication 0. 

The STDERR output was Error:
  creating socket: Address already in use
Undefined subroutine &Radius::Util::get_port called at /usr/bin/radiusd line
328. .

The program will be restarted again by /usr/local/sbin/restartWrapper in 600

This mail message was automatically generated by restartWrapper, part of the
OSC Radiator package.

What could be causing this? The Util.pm under the Radius dir have the
routine called get_port all the way at the bottom of the file. 

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