(RADIATOR) Authenticating of two Different PoP`s users with Client-Identifier

ksn at dil.in ksn at dil.in
Fri Jul 5 07:43:40 CDT 2002

Hi everybody,

I am having a little problem with my Radiator-3.1.
,i want to authenticate a user on two pop`s as i am having 16 POPs. means my  user can log into my ras at POP-1 as well as POP-2 but can`t login on other RAS in my network. Please suggest what to do with radius configuration

thanks in advance

Khushal Singh Narooka
Data Infosys Ltd.
Mobile :+91-9828021112
Phone  :+91-141-703717
Fax    :+91-141-703712

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