(RADIATOR) Multiple reply attributes

Nick Rogness nick at rogness.net
Thu Jul 4 17:11:53 CDT 2002

Some questions using <AuthBy SQL>:

Can multiple AuthColumnDef's be defined both as reply attributes? eg:

	AuthColumnDef 0, User-Password, check
	AuthColumnDef 1, GENERIC, reply
	AuthColumnDef 2, GENERIC, reply

If the answer is NO, then you can ignore the rest of the questions.
If yes, then I have 3 more questions:

Do the reply attributes get merged together as 1 big reply?

What happens if a reply attribute has a different value in the 
different replies?  eg:

	In GENERIC reply 1 above:

		Framed-IP-Address =

	In GENERIC reply 2 above:

		Framed-IP-Address =

What about the same entries in the 2 replies?  Will the attribute show
up twice in the combined reply?


Nick Rogness <nick at rogness.net>
 - Don't mind me...I'm just sniffing your packets

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