[RADIATOR-ANNOUNCE] Radiator SIM support 2.7 and Carrier module 1.7 released - including enhancements and bug fixes

Daniela Loya dlr at radiatorsoftware.com
Fri Nov 19 12:14:38 UTC 2021

We are very pleased to announce the release of Radiator SIM Module 2.7 
and Radiator Carrier Module 1.7.

This release is in companion to the most recent Radiator 4.26 version, 
and brings a number of fixes and enhancements to Diameter and SIGTRAN. 
IMSI privacy is now tested against Wireless Broadband Alliance technical 
specification 'IMSI Privacy Protection for Wi-Fi'. Also included are 
number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.

It is strongly recommended to use Radiator 4.26 with Radiator SIM Module 
2.7 and Radiator Carrier Module 1.7.

As usual, the new version is available to current licensees and 
evaluators from:

Licensees with expired access contracts can renew at:

An extract from the history file
is below:


-- Radiator Carrier Module Revision 1.7 (2021-11-18)

Increased DiaPeerDef MaxBufferSize from about 100KB to about 1MB for 
processing Diameter message bursts.

Fixed relay logging levels and updated goodies relay configuration sample.

Updated goodies configuration samples to match current Radiator defaults 
similar to Radiator’s own goodies. Minor updates suggested by perlcritic.

Stream error handling enhancements. Radiator 4.26 or later is now 
required with GBA/BSF and strongly recommended otherwise.

Diameter connection logging enhancements. Updating to this version is 
strongly recommended when used with Radiator 4.26 or later.

DiaPeerDef and ServerDIAMETERTelco support DisconnectTraceLevel added to 
Radiator 4.25.

Fixed a memory leak in ServeDIAMETERTelco where a small amount of memory 
was leaked with every connection.

DiameterDictionaryFile is now loaded by all dictionaries similar to 
Radiator 4.25.


-- Radiator SIM Support Revision 2.7 (2021-11-18)

Enhance handling and logging of unexpected SIGTRAN SCCP messages types.

Enhance and correct SIGTRAN SCCP Unitdata service (UDTS) message 
handling and logging.

ServerWXMAP 3GPPCardDatabaseFilename now supports special formatting 

AuthBy SIMWX and other EAP-SIM AuthBys no longer require a SQL DB 
configuration to store TMSI and fast re-authentication information. This 
is mainly useful for test configurations.

Removed obsolete SIM triplet caching from EAP-SIM. The related 
configuration parameters no longer have any affect.

Emergency services enabled configuration did not work with Redis based 
3GPP AAA Session database.

Successfully test IMSI encryption with Android device that implements 
Wireless Broadband Alliance technical specification name ‘IMSI Privacy 
Protection for Wi-Fi’. No changes were needed to Radiator implementation.

Updated 3GPP AAA Server to allow anonymous identity as User-Name when 
IMSI privacy is enabled and ePDG does not understand permanent user 
identity as User-Name. This requires an update to 3GPP AAA Server SQL 
session database schema. Added an option to control which identity value 
is used with User-Name.

Redis based 3GPP AAA Server session database no longer uses IMSI as part 
of key. Only Session-Id is used similar to SQL and internal session 

Affected Point Code M3UA TLV is now correctly parsed and logged.

When M3UA SSNM Destination State Audit (DAUD) message is received, it’s 
no longer ignored but a response Destination Available (DAVA) message is 

Updated configuration samples in goodies to work better with systemd 
based installations.

Fixed S6b authorisation check for emergency services. This was broken by 
the recently added APN match check.

Enhanced stream connection error handling in SIGTRANConnection module. 
Carrier Module 1.7 and Radiator 4.26 or later is now strongly recommended.

Daniela Loya Ramos
Sales, Radiator Software Oy
+358 503 227635

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