[RADIATOR-ANNOUNCE] Radiator GBA/BSF Module revision 1.5.0 has been released

Daniela Loya Ramos dlr at radiatorsoftware.com
Thu Aug 16 09:34:21 UTC 2018

*Hello all,We are pleased to announce that we have just released Radiator
GBA/BSF Module revision 1.5.0! In the new release, there are many new
features and enhancements regarding for example configuration and
installation of the product. This way, the process of taking Radiator
GBA/BSF to production use in different environments is now streamlined. The
detailed list can be seen from the version history page:
GBA/BSF Module brings General Bootstrapping Architecture authentication
support for Radiator.With General Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA), it is
possible to provide seamless authentication for VoLTE Supplementary
Services. This enables the end user to manage services such as call
forwarding, knocking, and video call forwarding without switching networks
or extra usernames and passwords. GBA enables also extending SIM
authentication to any operator WWW services. For full product info and
Radiator GBA/BSF use cases, please see our product page:
<https://radiatorsoftware.com/products/radiator-gbabsf-pack/>If you want to
know more about the product, please contact us at info at radiatorsoftware.com
<info at radiatorsoftware.com>.   *

Daniela Loya Ramos <dlr at radiatorsoftware.com>
Sales, Radiator Software
+358 503 227635
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