[RADIATOR-ANNOUNCE] Support for 3M SIP 2.0 in libraries

Mike McCauley mikem at open.com.au
Mon Jul 16 04:05:35 CDT 2012

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce that Radiator now supports authentication with 3M 
Standard Interchange Protocol (SIP) 2.0

SIP (not to be confused with VOIP Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol 
used in many book libraries to communicate between library self service 
terminals and a central Automatic Circulation System (ACS). It is uauly used 
to check books in and out, extend loads etc.


The new AuthBy SIP2 module allows Radiator to authenticate RADIUS, DIameter 
and TACACS requests against an ACS using the library patron name and password.

Protocols such as RADIUS-PAP, EAP-GTK, PEAP-GTK, TTLS-PAP etc can be supported 
with SIP2

This will make it practical and easy to implement WiFi and Captive Portal 
systems in libraries for the use of library patrons.

Support for  AuthBy SIP2, along with sample configurations and testing 
guidelines are available in the latest Radiator patch set for Radiator 4.10.


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